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Children are in Safe Hands with Confetti Home Nursery Carpets

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When it comes to our children, we think twice about every step we take for them. In the selection of the carpet, which is one of the most important items in the rooms of our little ones, who spend most of their time at home in their rooms, we pay attention to many features such as harmony with the furniture, colors and motifs, softness, whether it is produced from healthy materials. We want the best for them, so we want to create an environment where we do not doubt that they are safe while having fun. Children are in good hands with Confetti Home’s colorful carpets with educational motifs and fun characters designed by keeping children’s health and safety first! Let’s take a look at the features and structure of Confetti Home children’s room rugs.

1st class OEKO-TEX certified

Confetti Home makes games safe with Turkey’s only 1st class OEKO-TEX certified kids’ room carpets. Children’s room carpets, which are produced with materials that do not cause allergies and do not contain carcinogenic substances, protect the health of children. With Confetti Home kids’ room carpets, which maintain the hygiene of children’s rooms by not containing dust, you do not have to worry about the health of children when they play in their rooms.

Soft texture

Children, especially those of a young age, enjoy playing games on the carpet. As a result, the texture of the carpet that touches their skin while they play is crucial. Confetti Home children’s room rugs have a soft surface that does not irritate their sensitive skin and protects them from injury. 


Every moment is a learning experience for youngsters. So, why not use educational motifs on children’s room rugs to create an educational environment in their rooms for youngsters who collect information from everywhere they look, observe, and record this information in their memory? Confetti Home’s carpets featuring educational motifs such as numbers, alphabet, and English words help children learn at every moment.


It is very important for all of us that children have fun and smile. Therefore, we want them to have fun as much as they are safe, and healthy and learn new and useful information. With their colorful patterns and cute characters, Confetti Home children’s room rugs manage to attract the attention of children and enable them to learn while having fun.

Conclusion: For children to be safe while having fun and learning…

With Confetti Home children’s room rugs, which are healthy and safe as well as educational and entertaining, children are happy and parents are peaceful. If you would like to see our colorful children’s room carpet models in many patterns and motifs, we invite you to our children’s room section on our website or to our dealers.


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In the dead of winter, it’s easier to miss summer. Nowadays, everybody feels the need to cling onto memories of summer. Even though there is still time until winter ends, you can rely on decorative details to remind you of warmer days, when sand and the sea are among daily encounters –in which case marine movement is the best choice.

Marine affect in decoration is about putting together sea-related materials. All colors which are related to the sea are used along with white and blue. Also known as the sailor concept, marine affect is the go-to choice for summer houses. Accessories such as shells, fishing nets, anchor, rudder, and ropes are often used.

Marine affect is believed to have its roots in the yacht and sailboat decoration trend in the US. Nowadays, it has a wide range of application areas, including offices where it’s led to a fast- paced improvement in efficiency.

Marine affect in decoration creates a fresh and peaceful atmosphere. The number one reason for this is the use of blue and White. The color blue reduces stress, and reinforces emotions related to peacefulness and safety. It’s relaxing both physically and mentally, and makes people feel much happier. It reminds people of the sky and the sea, and creates a feeling of freedom.

The color of purity, naivete, and complementarity, the color White enhances the quality of detail with its
balancing character. Representing cleanliness and elegance, it makes interiors appear more spacious
and brighter.

Marine affect is used not only in living rooms, but also in kitchens and bathrooms. It creates a year-long summer atmosphere. Confetti Home’s elegant and practical bathroom mats will help you complement the overall decoration. Check out Confetti Home to discover Light House and many more models.


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The past and the future… Two staples of the notion that is time. Their effect on each other in undeniable. Past shapes the way leading to the future, functioning like a lantern lighting the path.

Past has a way of showing itself in the future, and fashion and art are the two most affected disciplines of it. What was once a “trend” may become a “trend” again. When artists struggle, they find reserves of inspiration in the past. The history may not repeat itself, but people’s tastes sure do.

Architecture is another discipline, affected by its past encounters. Many movements that used to be popular in the past, find their way into today with slight changes. Decorative products/materials used in living spaces bear the traces of this reflection. Some of them come back and become popular once again.

Marble is one of those materials that has made quiet a comeback. It was once used out of necessity, and fell out of fashion with the arrival of better materials. It quickly became a thing of the past.



Associated with “Turkish bath” culture, marble plays an important role in Turkish traditions. That’s why it’s generally preferred in bathroom settings.

In recent years, design industry has turned its way towards nature. Hence, enthusiasm towards natural materials also increased -which put the marble in the spotlight once again. Especially used in bathroom settings, marble made its way into living spaces as a decorative detail.

Nowadays, companies can produce marbles of all colors and in a variety of patterns. Marbles, like any other decorative product, are great at representing your tastes.



Don’t forget to pick a Confetti Home carpet to go with the marble you decide to use in your kitchen. Confetti Home carpets come in a great variety of patterns and colors!


Confetti Carpets are Dust-Resistant

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Dust-Resistant Confetti Carpet Models are Irresistible

Bringing elegance to your home with chic and ostentatious carpets that are suitable for a variety of application areas, Confetti products also offers hygiene thanks to their dust-resistant quality.

Dust Gets Locked In Carpets

In places where no carpet is used, dust roams freely, polluting the air and triggering various health problems. Encountered especially on parquet, laminated, and stone surfaces, this dust problem can be solved by purchasing a quality Confetti product that is designed to keep the dust locked in.

Say No to Health Problems

Dust particles are no good, especially when they are roaming freely around the house. Not only they make the place look filthy, they also trigger certain health problems. People who suffer from asthma, shortness of breath and who are allergic to dust take the worst hit. Confetti Carpet models are made of high quality materials and they are dust-resistant – which means no more dust-related problems once you bring Confetti home!

Easy to Clean and Safe to Use

Confetti Carpet models prevent dust to form around and provide comfort. Small dust particles and allergens are kept locked in the carpets which results in cleaner spaces! No worries, Confetti Carpet models are also very easy to clean and you can easily get rid of the dust particles that are trapped in the carpets. Choose Confetti to create safer and cleaner spaces for yourself and your family!

Always As Good As New

Confetti carpet models are resistant against dust, filth, and stains. If cleaned and maintained suitably and properly, they will as as good as new and help you keep the atmosphere fresh. Even after years of use, Confetti Home carpets will stay durable, fresh, and elegant.

Confetti Carpets Are Clean & Prevents Bacterial Growth

In comparison to empty floors, carpets are always a better option because they are easy to clean. Confetti carpet models, which can be cleaned with a vacuum or a carpet washing machine, are hygienic and they prevent bacterial growth. It’s easier to clean off the microbes from Confetti carpet models because these carpets keep all the dust locked in. That’s how they prevent mess and maintain good hygiene.