By 4 February 2020 General

In the dead of winter, it’s easier to miss summer. Nowadays, everybody feels the need to cling onto memories of summer. Even though there is still time until winter ends, you can rely on decorative details to remind you of warmer days, when sand and the sea are among daily encounters –in which case marine movement is the best choice.

Marine affect in decoration is about putting together sea-related materials. All colors which are related to the sea are used along with white and blue. Also known as the sailor concept, marine affect is the go-to choice for summer houses. Accessories such as shells, fishing nets, anchor, rudder, and ropes are often used.

Marine affect is believed to have its roots in the yacht and sailboat decoration trend in the US. Nowadays, it has a wide range of application areas, including offices where it’s led to a fast- paced improvement in efficiency.

Marine affect in decoration creates a fresh and peaceful atmosphere. The number one reason for this is the use of blue and White. The color blue reduces stress, and reinforces emotions related to peacefulness and safety. It’s relaxing both physically and mentally, and makes people feel much happier. It reminds people of the sky and the sea, and creates a feeling of freedom.

The color of purity, naivete, and complementarity, the color White enhances the quality of detail with its
balancing character. Representing cleanliness and elegance, it makes interiors appear more spacious
and brighter.

Marine affect is used not only in living rooms, but also in kitchens and bathrooms. It creates a year-long summer atmosphere. Confetti Home’s elegant and practical bathroom mats will help you complement the overall decoration. Check out Confetti Home to discover Light House and many more models.

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